Integrated Suite of Digital Marketing Services for Lawyers & Law Firms

What we provide is a comprehensive digital marketing service to help grow your legal practice.

Digital Marketing is many things all working together to help you find clients online, get more cases, do more business, make more money, and continue to grow your practice.

We do all the heavy lifting - strategy, coordination, and execution - of all the moving parts of your digital marketing initiatives to make sure your legal practice succeeds.

That leaves you free to focus on your area of expertise - being a legal ace AKA Legal Hero.

Explore The Services in Our Digital Marketing Mix

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the foundation of our digital marketing service.

Most of the clients that you're looking to help, start their search for lawyers on search engines like Google and Bing.

The lawyers who appear at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), get all the leads and clients.

With our service, we take care of everything that will get you to rise to the top of those SERPs. This includes technical SEO, On-page SEO, voice search, Local search, content creation, quality backlink development, content strategy, and more.

The goal is to get your practice to number one on all the major search engines like Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc., as quickly as possible, and to keep you there!

Paid Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising Management for Lawyers

While search engine optimization should always be the basis of a long-term digital marketing strategy for any law firm, the results are not instantaneous. They accrue and endure over time.

That's where paid digital advertising can be an adjunct to your organic search engine strategy to produce more immediate traffic and leads for your practice.

We help coordinate the strategy for your digital marketing campaigns whether they're Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per lead (PPL) across the search engines like Google and Bing, and on online platforms like social media and other directories where your clients can be found.

The goal with this is to execute the most cost-effective advertising campaigns that will produce results for you, while reducing click fraud and similar digital advertising schemes.


Legal Websites

Your law firm's website is a big part of the equation when you're trying to market your practice successfully online.

Your website is the center of truth for everything you're doing in the digital space and typically the location you're directing all your traffic too.

It's not enough just to have a website. The website must be working hard for you on many different levels. It's got to be more than just a pretty brochure.

For a website to rank high on Google and other search engines, it has to be technically sound, fast to load and navigate, performant, responsive (work smoothly across all devices with the same codebase), provide a pleasant user experience, great content, and much more.

We make sure you have a website that the search engines will index and that will rank properly. Importantly, also, we make sure you have a great website that will convert your visitors and get them to take the actions you want them to - which is, to hire you!

Content Strategy

Content Strategy for Law Firms

It's important that all your brand messaging and communications are timely , consistent and working to advance your law firm's business goals and objectives across all the digital platforms where you engage with your clients and prospects.

A well defined content strategy ensures that this coordinated and centralized messaging happens effectively and consistently in the communications coming from your website, as well as your digital advertisements and social media interactions.

A well defined content strategy also ensures that you're meeting the actual content needs of your target audience.

All of this ensures that you can deliver a unified and satisfactory experience to that audience.

As a part of our digital marketing service we define and coordinate the content strategy for your brand's digital communications.

Content Marketing

Legal Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing initiative that's all about consistently promoting your thought leadership with regular, relevant, valuable, and authoritative content.

The goal of content marketing is to establish your brand in the minds of your target audience as the leading authority in your area of legal expertise. Then, have that brand awareness drive quality leads and business to you.

But creating a steady stream of high-quality, useful, content that your audience will want to consume takes a lot of time and effort.

As part of our service, we produce these pieces of content regularly for your firm, and market them aggressively online.


Legal Copywriting

Professional legal copywriting is a necessary part of your digital marketing strategy and it's part of our integrated digital marketing service for lawyers.

With the great amount of content that will need to be continuously created to market your legal practice, it's crucial to be able write about legal subjects without producing legalese.

Keeping in mind that your primary audience is not lawyers but rather everyday people who need to understand the value you can bring to them in plain language, our team of legal copywriters takes care of this problem to ensure that you sound polished, authoritative, and most importantly, understandable to your audience.

Digital PR

Digital PR for Lawyers

Boosting brand awareness is critical for any business. For lawyers it's even more important, given the many rules that govern how attorneys and law firms can advertise and solicit business.

With the digital PR component of our marketing service for lawyers, we make sure that your brand gets favorable mentions and visibility on prime web properties across the internet.

This serves to promote your expertise in your practice areas and helps with search engine optimization to drive more leads and clients to you.

Website Management

Website Management

The availability and technical performance of your website is always going to be central to the success of any digital marketing effort.

There are a host of issues related to your website that can negatively impact how well your law practice will do on the search engines, and affect how well visitors to your site will be able to engage with you.

Some examples of situations that will seriously hurt your visibility on the search engines include having a slow website, a website that doesn't work well on mobile phones and tablet computers, or a site with buggy programming scripts or malicious code, to name a few.

With our service we are constantly scanning and fixing issues with your website that can affect how well you do on the search engines to make sure that your site is always available to the clients looking for you, and that they have a great experience when they visit.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management for Law Firms

Online reviews and what people have to say about your law firm on the internet are a big deciding factor for potential clients of yours.

A slew of negative reviews can literally destroy the reputation of your law practice online.

And it doesn't matter if the content of the reviews are factual or just the malicious work of competitors or disgruntled ex-employees or customers. The harm they can do to your business is immense.

Our reputation management service proactively scours the internet for all reviews and mentions of your firm to ensure that any negative mentions can be addressed immediately or removed, before they have a chance to do irreparable damage to your firm.

Directory & Listings Management

Directory & Listings Management

Besides the search engines themselves directly, there are many other locations and properties online where potential clients should be able to find your law firm.

These include online directories, maps and business profile listing services like Google Business Profiles, and many others.

Being available on these platforms and maintaining accurate, up-to-date, information about your business greatly contributes to improving your visibility online.

Additionally, these directories and listing services and maps, improve your search performance and can help with Local search engine optimization, which is very important for law firms that service specific local markets.

As part of our service, we make sure that you are prominently listed in all the relevant directories, maps and listing services and that you have the greatest visibility possible. We also ensure that the information about your firm is always accurate.

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