Bryan Osima

Digital Advertising for Lawyers – Complete Guide

Advertisements on traditional media like TV, radio, print, and billboards are very familiar to all of us. We’re used to the bold visuals, engaging videos and catchy jingles that are crafted to embed themselves firmly in our consciousness. For consumers of those advertisements, the way they’re supposed to work is that you see or hear […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Lawyers – Strategy Guide

We’ve all done the following when we need to find some information: we fire up a browser, type a few words into a search box, and hope to be presented with answers to our enquiry. We never stop to ponder how it happens that we get the results that we’re presented with. We’re usually just […]

Keyword Research for Lawyers – Complete Guide

In the digital marketing world, you often hear a lot of talk about keywords. Some people go as far as ascribing magical powers to keywords as the cure-all for all the woes you might be experiencing whilst trying to market your legal practice online to find those elusive clients. While keywords are not the only […]